What We Do

On a local scale

  • For small business owners, social media marketing has proven to be the best way to engage your community of customers. Today’s consumers are tired of advertisements, commercials and see through them as simply marketing propaganda. They’re now relying on Yelp reviews, recommendations from their friends on Facebook and Twitter, and searching for deals on Groupon and specials on Foursquare. But what small business has the time to learn and implement a comprehensive social media marketing strategy?¬†Hyperlocal Brands provide customized hands-on solutions for small businesses requiring a turnkey social media marketing solution. See one of our solutions on the Turnkey Social Media Marketing page.
  • We are the developers of the Breaking News Network, a social media sourced news platform distributing a ticker tape of news to local communities. As you can see, we don’t believe in pushing advertising sales people at the local business community. We’d rather offer local businesses free publicity and access to our social media channels as a community service. We’ll put your website up on our city sites like BreakingSFNews.com/Dosa. Just ask!
On a national scale

  • We build solutions that give national brands hyperlocal presence. These solutions are not campaigns, but a comprehensive social marketing strategy that produces persistent engaged presence based on tapping into what the local consumer needs and what they enjoy. Today, the social conversations around brands are “national” in scope but don’t have the intimacy of local community conversations. Our solutions capture local conversations because they have far greater influence to actuate local business opportunities by means of referrals, checkins, or event announcements (“let’s all see the movie at AMC Landmark Square at 9:00″).
  • We have curated and engaged local social influencers in over 300 cities nationally, and can develop solutions quickly for testing within a local arena.